Le Clos du Marbrier

To lend a hand
This is how I conceive the conduct of my small estate where I am passionately involved from A to Z.
In a preserved natural environment, my collection of terroirs and plots is scattered in the garrigue and on the mountainside. In addition to traditional Languedocien varieties, I have chosen unpublished varieties.
The work of the earth and vineyards in compliance with the rules of organic farming and this natural heritage were obvious. The harvest is then done manually in openwork cages, the mild vinification of each vine separately preserves the quintessence.

Chiselled hand
At the foot of the ramparts of the city of Caunes Minervois, in this former marble workshop which I transformed into a winemaking cell, the raw material that is now polished is no longer blocks of rough stone but bunches of ripe grapes. Like the artisans of the marble that preceded me, the search for finesse and power guides my hand in the elaboration of singular wines and without artifices.
The assemblages are then constructed to the quivering of the spring, after the natural settling of the winter.

The name of my cuvées expresses a new start and the intention that I have brought to personalize each of my cuvées:
"Hands-on" is like a successful sketch, where crunch brings immediate pleasure,
"In full hand" results from careful work, where aromas abound and where matter becomes more complex,
"High hand" tends towards a mastery constantly questioning to adapt to the conditions of the vintage and perfect its conditions of breeding.

A solo approach but not alone.
In my guest house and my Bed and Breakfast I welcome lovers of calm and discovery.
In my cellar I suggest to neophytes or wine-lovers tastings commented which often close vineyard walks.
Within the group of purchases I created, we support the short circuits of local agricultural products.
And by the formula "a piece of vineyard, a piece of happiness" I gathered enthusiasts and curious people who invested in the rental of vines or the purchase of plots and who participate in the events rhythmizing my winemaking seasons.

The uniqueness of a great terroir, in a preserved environment
Clear plots, whether mountainous beaten by the winds, perched on a plateau open to the cosmos or nestled in a charming valley, have been carefully chosen for what they bring of unique and different.
The personality and the complexity of the wines are also due to this shifted character.
Their exposure at altitude ensures slow ripening, ideal under a climate of the South, guarantee of preservation of the aromas, elegance and freshness.

Irene Prioton
First generation vine grower


Le Clos du Marbrier

Le Clos du Marbrier is situated in the village of Caunes Minervois .

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Le Clos du Marbrier
Irène Prioton
28 Rue des Remparts
11160 Caunes Minervois FRANCE
Tél : 06 85 91 27 57
Email : leclosdumarbrier@wanadoo.fr
Web : www.leclosdumarbrier.com
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